Roofing Plant Safety Campaign - CSI (Collaborative Safety Interaction)

A new collaborative safety interaction (CSI) improvement project has been proposed and the goal of this project was to develop an updated CSI training. The training improves employee engagement and makes their feedback more visible. It will also inspire employees to openly communicate about risk behaviors, and use the current CSI process to identify, communicate, and act in a larger group to facilitate behavioral safety discussions and best practice sharing.

The team’s vision was to inspire the employees to act safely in every aspect of their lives. Part of the inspiration was to create a safety culture, where everyone shows care for each other and to communicate that any unsafe behavior will not align with the vision of interdependent thinking and ownership. Dan Campeau, HSE Coordinator stated, “we needed a way of identifying, acting, and communicating both positive and at-risk behaviors within our facilities and we used the CSI process to help accomplish this.” A collaborative approach to openly communicate these behaviors helped the team rejuvenate the CSI process and use it to their advantage. The project incorporates the JM Core Values; People, Passion, Perform and Protect, and it encourages not only the team, but all JM employees to be active drivers of the core values. The team hopes that all of the roofing systems plants will adopt this CSI program to better protect all employees. Currently the Cornwall, ON Canada plant is leading the way for this new training.