Announcing JM One-Part Pourable Sealer

JM One-Part Pourable Sealer is a penetration pocket filler that is very easy to install and it is compatible with all JM single ply products.


  • No waste
    • Two-part sealers must be used once they are mixed, and any leftover material is wasted. JM One-Part Pourable Sealer can be used for up to 30 days after opening by simply squeezing the air out of the pouch and replacing the cap.
    • Dispensing from pouches provides a neater application than pouring out of pails.
  • No mixing
    • Eliminate off-ratio or under-mixed products.
  • Better performance, provides an immediate water-tight seal
    • Do not install if rain is imminent – however, rain will cause curing
  • Solvent- and odor-free
  • Does not shrink
  • Can be used in all 50 states