Johns Manville’s Knowledge and Reliability Lead to More Cost-Effective Solution

The previous roof on the Virginia Airport Distribution Center was clearly failing. The membrane had deteriorated over time, leaving the scrim exposed. The perimeters were delaminating and pulling away from the edge of the structure, and water was ponding in numerous places on the roof. Johns Manville (JM) was initially brought in to provide another quick-fix solution. However, as local JM representative Joseph Sansbury walked the roof, his experience told him that another patch or coating was simply not going to do the trick. Sansbury explained his concern about the situation to Darryl Beckstoffer, property manager of Jones Lang LaSalle. “We respected Joseph’s honesty and determination to do the right thing,” stated Beckstoffer, who asked if JM could provide an alternate solution. Beckstoffer communicated to the JM team that the main goal for the out-of-state owner was to do this re-roof as cost-efficiently as possible.

JM’s technical support and expertise was an important aspect of this project and led to the best solution and cost for this re-roof. The team included Randy Sansbury, who has 40 years of experience with JM, as well as Tom Wettstein, who was the technical representative on the project. The job was awarded to local JM Peak Advantage® Pinnacle contractor Baker Roofing Company. Baker Roofing Company was the right choice because they offered a local office, which allowed for a responsive, professional and personal experience. The roofing system was a mechanically attached JM TPO solution, which met the budgetary and performance requirements. “We quickly became comfortable with the value of JM’s quality product and Baker’s local expertise,” stated Beckstoffer, “and were happy to award them the project.” This project was 180,000 square feet, and “it was finished ahead of schedule with no issues or problems. We even arranged to have a drone that could show the progress along the way, and the client was delighted,” said Glenn Worthington of Baker Roofing Company. “The outcome was awesome,” said Beckstoffer. “JM’s experience and willingness to work with us led to a much better roofing solution that everyone is totally pleased with.”