Ideal for custom curtainwall applications, Johns Manville Insul-SHIELD® flexible, semi-rigid or rigid fiberglass insulating boards offer excellent fire and sound performance.

Johns Manville Insul-SHIELD® is a series of flexible, semi-rigid or rigid thermal and acoustical fiberglass insulating boards for custom curtainwall applications. Insul-SHIELD is fire-resistant and noncombustible, available faced and unfaced, and designed to be used in new and retrofit construction, metal panel buildings and in general construction.

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Acoustically Efficient: Reduces transmission of sound through roofs, ceilings, floors and walls.
Fire-Resistant: Flame Spread of 25 or less and Smoke Developed of 50 or less. 
Noncombustible: Unfaced I/S 150, I/S 300 and I/S 600 are non combustible.
Moisture-Resistant: Vapor-retarder facings resist water vapor transmission.
Noncorrosive: Prevents acceleration of corrosion to pipes, wiring and metal studs.
Durable: Will not rot, mildew or otherwise deteriorate, preventing slumping and uninsulated voids.
Easy to Handle: Lightweight; maintains its physical integrity during handling.

  ASTM Standards   ASTM C612   Type IA or Type IB (IS150, IS300, IS600)
  Flame Spread   ASTM E84   ≤ 25
  Smoke Development   ASTM E84   ≤ 50
  Max Use Temp   ASTM C411   350ºF
  Water Vapor Sorption   ASTM C1104   5% or less by weight
  Odor Emission   ASTM C1304   Pass
  Corrosiveness   ASTM C665   Pass
  Fungi Resistance   ASTM C1388   Pass
  Combustion Characteristics   ASTM E136   IS150, IS300, IS600: Pass;  Black IS300, IS600: Pass
  10% Linear Shrinkage   ASTM C356   None

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