Thermal Insulation


Johns Manville Q-FIBERS BULK® microfibers are made from a special glass composition from which all alkali metals are chemically leached to create a pure silica fiber. First developed for use in manufacturing the tile sheathing for the U.S. Space Shuttle, Q-FIBERS BULK® microfibers has extremely high thermal capabilities, combined with ultra-light weight.

 Q-FIBERS BULK®  microfibers are exceptionally pure and extremely stable, with no thermal expansion, contraction, or distortion. Due to its high degree of stability and its pure, fibrous silica material, Q-FIBERS BULK®  microfibers are well suited to applications requiring a fiber that does not degrade under extreme conditions or applications requiring high-performance filtration. As a lightweight temperature-resistant insulation material, it is ideal for a variety of aircraft and automotive uses. Q-FIBERS BULK® microfibers are also used for environmental test filters across a broad range of analytical applications.

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