Optimize the performance, mass and value of your composite panels with Johns Manville nonwoven materials.  At the outer layer, our surfacing veils provide a smooth finish that can also be painted for protection from the elements.  Thicker, nonwoven glass mats can be applied as sub-surface layers that cover honeycomb cores.  And polyester spunbond or glass fiber nonwoven materials can be used as a compressed core to increase mechanical properties with minimal weight. 

The global demand for composite structures is growing rapidly.  We have experience in:

·        windmill blades

·        automotive headliners

·        lightweight body panels

·        forming parts and structural elements

·        panel boards for trucks and trailers

·        honeycomb acoustic panels in office spaces

·        ship and railroad building

Although we serve an extensive range of industries, we believe there is much more to come.  Whatever it is, we will be ready when you are.