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Specialty Roofing Products

As a total roofing systems provider, Johns Manville complements our membrane and insulation offerings with a full line of specialty roofing products. This provides single-source convenience to our contractors and specifiers. It also allows building owners to enjoy the convenience of an edge-to-edge total roofing system guarantee.

Our Expand-O-Flash® line has been designed to withstand certain levels of  seismic forces, movement between building components (such as atriums and window walls) or movement caused by extreme temperatures (particularly around pipes, ducts and bulk-carrying equipment).

JM’s Specialty Roofing Products group has established its expert reputation by offering custom  fabricated components. We’ll turn your rough sketches into a custom-manufactured solution. And best of all, it can be included in your Johns Manville Peak Advantage® Guarantee. To learn more, contact the Specialty Roofing Products group at (800) 445-1500.

Expansion Joint Covers Style EJ (Cant to Cant)
Elastomeric membrane bellows for installation on roof-to-roof conditions.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
Expansion Joint Covers Style CF/EJ (Curb to Wall)
Elastomeric membrane bellows supported by a closed cell foam backer.
Expansion Joint Covers Style EJ/WC (Curb to Curb)
Elastomeric or PVC membrane supported by a closed-cell foam backer.
Expansion Joint Covers Style EJ/WC (Curb to Wall)
Elastomeric or PVC membrane for installation on any width curb.
PrestoTite_Edge_One_Fascia banner 1140x280
Presto-Tite Edge One Fascia System
For Single Ply Roofing Systems
Presto-Tite Fascia System For Ballasted Single Ply Roofing Systems-teaser clip
Presto-Tite Fascia System (Ballasted Single Ply Systems)
A high performance edge treatment for all ballasted single ply roof projects