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Expansion Joint Covers Style EJ (Cant to Cant)
Elastomeric membrane bellows for installation on roof-to-roof conditions.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
Expansion Joint Covers Style CF/EJ (Curb to Wall)
Elastomeric membrane bellows supported by a closed cell foam backer.
Expansion Joint Covers Style EJ/WC (Curb to Curb)
Elastomeric or PVC membrane supported by a closed-cell foam backer.
Expansion Joint Covers Style EJ/WC (Curb to Wall)
Elastomeric or PVC membrane for installation on any width curb.
PrestoTite_Edge_One_Fascia banner 1140x280
Presto-Tite Edge One Fascia System
For Single Ply Roofing Systems
Presto-Tite Fascia System For Ballasted Single Ply Roofing Systems-teaser clip
Presto-Tite Fascia System (Ballasted Single Ply Systems)
A high performance edge treatment for all ballasted single ply roof projects