Commercial Roofing

Solar Roofing Systems

Turn your roof into an energy producing asset with the integration of a solar photovoltaic (PV) solution integrated into a Johns Manville roofing system. Together, a solar ready roof and PV system can help to reduce fixed costs by providing long-term protection, energy savings and power generation. Only JM provides complete roofing and PV mounting solutions with the flexibility to meet your specific needs.  Successful rooftop PV integration is complicated: single-source integration is the key to success.

A new photovoltaic roof is a highly beneficial, yet complex, system. A high-performing PV roofing system incorporates the right roof with the right solar energy components to deliver the performance you expect. JM’s comprehensive roofing and PV mounting solutions allow unmatched flexibility to get the best performance from your technology of choice in any climate. In addition, we offer value-added services such as rebate/incentive administration, financial return modeling and can also arrange for the integration of your PV system with the local utility company.

Understanding your energy needs and delivering on your investment is critical to the overall success of your PV project.  JM offers strategic alliances for financing and energy management that provide a multitude of options for acquisition, financing and asset management.