SBS Roofing Systems

DynaFast 180 S

DynaFast® 180 S is a base or ply sheet for use in mechanically fastened systems.

Fine Mineral Parting Agent: A fine material parting agent is applied to both sides of the product. This product does not havea surface finish and must be used in constructions that willprovide protection from UV (ultraviolet light) and the elements.

High-Quality SBS Rubber and Asphalt Blend: Lends elasticity and flexibility to the sheet. The elongation and recoveryproperties allow the product to easily accommodate thecontinual expansion and contraction experienced on all roofs.

Polyester-Reinforced Mat: Polyester mat with bidirectional glass-scrim reinforcement offers robust tear strength andpuncture resistance, allowing for high wind performance and anexcellent hail rating. The sheet also exhibits strong dimensional stability and enhanced elongation.

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