SBS Roofing Systems

DynaWeld 180 S Base Sheet

DynaWeld™ 180 S is an elastomeric modified bitumen sheet. It is saturated and coated with a blend of SBS polymer and high quality asphalt. The elastomeric asphalt blend has full recovery properties after 100% elongation and lends a high degree of elasticity and flexibility to the sheet. The glass scrimreinforced polyester mat provides good tensile strength, toughness, puncture resistance and can accommodate stresses created by typical rooftop expansion and contraction forces. In addition, the glass scrim offers dimensional stability, not afforded by polyester-only reinforced product. The glass scrim-reinforced mat minimizes end lap creep after installation. This product does not have a surface finish and must be used in constructions that will provide protection from UV (ultraviolet light) and the elements. The back of the sheet has a poly burn-off film for ease of heat welding.

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