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SBS Roofing Systems

Comprehensive and versatile systems for some of the harshest environments.

Johns Manville is a leader in SBS roofing systems for a reason: with over three decades of experience producing modified bitumen commercial roofing; we understand the science of formulating the variability of asphalt’s physical. This understanding and experience allows us to design and produce products for consistent, real-world applications in the field.

As the most customizable of our low-slope commercial roofing products, we offer glass, polyester and composite reinforcements with all types of application techniques. We know you value quality, and above all, longevity in a roofing system. That’s why we continue to invest in people, technology and application engineering support to ensure that our SBS systems exhibit the proven strength, elasticity and weatherability you can trust.


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JM CleanBond Polyester Cap Flashing
Self-adhering, polyester-reinforced SBS cap flashing.
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