Liquid-Applied Roofing Systems

PermaFlash Bituminous Flashing System

PermaFlash® Primer
PermaFlash® Primer is an organo-silane compound dispersed in isopropyl alcohol. It improves adhesion of MBR® Flashing Cement to non-porous surfaces such as metals and some plastics.

PermaFlash® Scrim
PermaFlash® Scrim is a stitchbonded polyester scrim that offers a sturdy combination of burst strength and toughness for roofing applications. The flexible polyester allows elongation of up to 50%, providing excellent accommodation to thermal stresses and movements.

MBR® Flashing Cement
MBR® Flashing Cement is a unique, two component, elastomeric, liquid applied flashing material, consisting of an asphalt/urethane base material and an activator. It is formulated for use with the Johns Manville SBS modified bitumen membrane products.

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