Commercial Roofing

Liquid-Applied Roofing Systems

Johns Manville’s liquid-applied systems provide a seamless waterproof membrane that is easily applied and conforms to any penetration shape. This is ideal when faced with a confined urban space, numerous roof penetrations or restricted use of hot asphalt or heat welding.

For roofs where standing water is a problem, our SeamFree™ Liquid Membrane System forms an exceptional bond, creates an elastomeric, highly protective surface and delivers exceptional waterproofing performance. The surface can be covered with reflective coatings, a cap sheet for a cool roof option or granules for an aesthetically pleasing surface.

Our SeamFree Coating Systems provide a variety of solutions for owners wanting to extend the life of an existing roofing system. These systems can be installed over a variety of roof types and can offer reflectance and longevity at an affordable cost to the owner.

Our PermaFlash™ Liquid Applied Flashing Membrane  offers contractors an alternate to traditional flashing systems. This system forms an exceptional bond to asphalt-based roofing systems that can resist many factors affecting base flashing performance while providing excellent flexibility and durability. And properly flashed penetrations with the PermaFlash system are eligible to be  covered under the Peak Advantage® Guarantee when installed by a JM Peak Advantage Contractor and a guarantee is issued by Johns Manville.