Commercial Roofing

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EPDM being produced in Milan, OH

Since it was first introduced to their industry in the late 1970’s, roofing consultants have come to recognize the overwhelming advantages of EPDM single ply membrane for low slope commercial roofs.


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EPDM Reinforced Termination strip sliver 226x70
JM EPDM Reinforced Termination Strip with Tape
6" wide, 45 mil strip with factory-applied pressure sensitive tape.
Sliver LVOC Adhesive TPO and EPDM 226x70
JM LVOC Membrane Adhesive (TPO & EPDM)
One-part, low VOC synthetic polymer-based membrane adhesive.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
JM Roofing System Urethane Adhesive (RSUA)
Two-part polyurethane adhesive.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
JM Two-Part Urethane Insulation Adhesive (UIA)
Two-part cold-application adhesive for insulation and cover boards.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
JM Green Two-Part Urethane Insulation Adhesive
Low-odor/VOC cold-application adhesive insulation and cover boards.