Commercial Roofing

Adhesives, Cements, Primers and Coatings

Johns Manville provides a comprehensive offering of adhesives, cements, primers and coatings for all roof types, including Built-Up, SBS and APP modified bitumen, EPDM, PVC and TPO. These high-quality JM products are designed to create installation options for contractors, designers and owners for any low-slope roof construction.

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Single Ply:
Sliver LVOC Adhesive TPO and EPDM 226x70
JM LVOC Membrane Adhesive (TPO & EPDM)
One-part, low VOC synthetic polymer-based membrane adhesive.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
JM Roofing System Urethane Adhesive (RSUA)
Two-part polyurethane adhesive.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
JM Membrane Bonding Adhesive (TPO & EPDM)
For adhering JM TPO and EPDM membranes to approved substrates.
JM WHITE Web Sliver 226x70 300dpi
An SQAMD Compliant Adhesive
Two part UIA sliver 226x70
JM Two-Part Urethane Insulation Adhesive (UIA)
Two-part cold-application adhesive for insulation and cover boards.