JM Supplier Guidelines

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It is the goal and commitment of Johns Manville (JM) and its employees to adhere to the highest standards of ethical behavior in our business conduct, activities and relationships. At all times and in all situations, ethical behavior will supersede all other considerations. As a supplier, it is JM’s expectation that you understand, respect, and comply with these standards. Any violation of these standards will result in a loss of future business engagements with JM.

Sourcing Guidelines

It is JM’s intent to constantly strive to improve its productivity and processes, and to reduce total finished product costs wherever practical. Only by so doing will JM maintain its position as a "World Class" supplier. JM expects all of its suppliers to take similar, responsible actions to ensure the competitive pricing of their products. The competitive quoting process can often provide a better product or service at the lowest total cost to JM. JM personnel will, therefore, make every attempt to encourage competition, while simultaneously working diligently to build long lasting relationships with qualified best-in-class suppliers. Suppliers will be evaluated to determine the extent of their capabilities and qualifications to compete prior to being invited to quote on major JM purchases. This includes conforming to Environmental Health and Safety Standards as well as applicable Labor Laws. It is JM’s expectation that our Suppliers will not employ child labor. JM will not knowingly engage a Supplier that directly, or indirectly through a third party, employs illegal child labor in any way. Suppliers whose performance, quality and technical capability do not keep pace with JM’s needs will be removed from the suppliers list for future consideration until they have demonstrated to JM’s satisfaction they have made the necessary improvements to be reconsidered for a future supply position. In dealing with potential suppliers, JM employees adhere to the confidentiality commitments set forth in both JM’s Code of Conduct as well as any applicable nondisclosure/confidentiality agreement. JM employees, therefore, will not disclose any JM non-public information to potential suppliers unless there is a fully executed non-disclosure agreement in place protecting such information.

Procure to Pay Requirements

  • An approved JM Purchase Order is required before work commences or an order is delivered.
  • Our preferred method is electronic invoicing.  Please contact your JM representative to get set up for electronic invoicing.
  • To manually invoice JM, please adhere to the following requirements in order to avoid payment delays:
    • Send email to
    • PDF or TIF documents  
    • Only one invoice per attachment
    • PO numbers must be listed on invoices
    • Invoices not meeting these requirements will not be processed and payment terms will be determined based on date correct invoices is received.
    • Invoice and credit memo format is to match the format of the Purchase Order as far as line items, quantity and price. Johns Manville calculates taxes in SAP which is reflected on the JM Purchase Order.
    • Orders will be governed by the Johns Manville Terms and Conditions issued with the JM Purchase Order unless you have a specific negotiated contract with Johns Manville. For North America, Terms and Conditions can be found at For all other regions, please ask your local contact.

Excerpts from JM's Code of Conduct

Gifts and Entertainment: No employee shall accept gifts or entertainment from any person or firm having business dealings with JM unless such gifts or entertainment are of nominal or token value.

Personal Fees, Properties, and Commissions: No employee may accept personal fees, property or commissions from outside parties in connection with any Company transactions.