Industrial Insulation Masters Course

This event will be coming back in May 2023.

This course is a free, two-day course designed specifically for mechanical engineers, contractors, facility owners, and operations personnel. We have partnered with experts throughout the industrial insulation industry to develop course content that addresses how to effectively design and maintain industrial insulation systems. At the Industrial Masters Course, you’ll have opportunities to bring your questions to the experts and share best practices with peers throughout the industry while earning
CEU credits.

Date: May 2023

Location: South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center
League City, Texas, USA

Johns Manville Industrial Masters Course | Free, two-day course designed specifically for mechanical engineers, facility owners and operations personnel to develop a better understanding of how to effectively design and maintain industrial insulations systems..



Industrial facilities have are experiencing evolving requirements for both thermal insulation and noise control. Learn how to design systems that can reduce inefficiencies and maintain
noise requirements. 


Learn the unique features and benefits of multiple high-temp insulation materials to ensure you have consistent performance that meets your specifications and performance criteria.


Insulation as passive fire protection function is a growing design consideration. Learn key details you need to know when designing a system for safety and performance. 


Learn how to interpret ASTM Corrosion test methods to better understand how insulation impacts the corrosive mechanism. Find out what the results mean and how to utilize the data to design systems that help inhibit corrosion under insulation.


A key component to preventing CUI is to have a well-sealed system. Learn the differences between mastics, adhesives, and coatings and where you should be using each material.


Pipe coatings can be a key component to inhibiting CUI, but it’s important to understand how they work, where you should apply them, and their longevity. Learn about the various coatings available and how to use them in industrial applications.


Learn the critical components to insulating cryogenic systems and specifying and installing polyisocyanurate (PIR) insulation systems. We will be outlining exactly where you can (and should) use PIR.


Metal jacketing can have an enormous impact on system performance, protection, and CUI. Learn the details of metal jacketing options.

Risk-Based Inspection

Risk-Based Inspection (RBI) is an analysis methodology and process that, as opposed to condition-based inspection, requires qualitative or quantitative assessment of the probability of failure (PoF) and the consequence of failure (CoF) associated with each equipment item, piping circuits included, in a particular process unit. Learn how to properly-implement an RBI program.

Expert Panel: Acoustical Systems


A collection of experts will discuss challenges and solutions for designing, installing and maintaining acoustical systems. The panel will cover these topics and more:

  • Discuss options to simplify designs to minimize layers of insulation and reduce costs
  • Understand the requirements of ISO 15665 vs real-world requirements
  • Find out how to optimize combined thermal acoustic systems
  • Consider changes in noise regulations and what it could mean for acoustic systems
  • Explore concerns for Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) in acoustical systems

Insulation Product Demos

Live Product Demo


Learn how the pros install various insulation materials to better understand insulation applications, and walk-away with insight to enhance system design and avoid costly maintenance issues. The featured installations will be:

  • TRYMER® PIR an LNG application
  • MinWool-1200® Pipe Insulation per the configurations for ISO 15665 (acoustical control) 
  • Thermo-1200® Calcium Silicate Curved Segments for large diameter pipes and vessels

Crawfishin' & Networkin'



DATE: May 2021

Join your indsutry peers for drinks and a crawfish boil immediately following day 1 of the course. You can challenge each other to an all-you-can-eat competition or connect with people in the industry and grow your network. 


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