Compression Pack

Installed assembly with aerogel insulation for subsea pipe-in-pipe applications (Service temp: -325°F – 390°F)

We invite you to explore the Compression Pack™, a pipe-in-pipe (PIP) aerogel insulation system for subsea flow lines. We have incorporated Cabot’s unique aerogel insulation technology into a ready-to-use package that is custom-designed to make installation faster and more reliable.

The Compression Pack system is engineered specifically for subsea flow lines that operate at temperatures ranging from -325°F to 390°F/ -200°C to 200°C. The custom-sized sheets of aerogel are adhered to an easy-to-use jacketing and fastener system. The resulting product makes for easier installation that protects the insulation from snagging or pullouts during insertion into the casing pipe. Ultimately, the Compression Pack makes installation faster, easier, and reduces rework and downtime.

CP rolled in cylinder_490x322
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