StarRov® offers consistent quality reinforcmements for your structural profiles.

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StarRov® 086 rovings are designed to be used mainly as an input for weaving processes used in large spectrum of market segments such as marine, construction (open mesh), infrastructure and wind blades.

Superior fatigue characteristics, even tension at unwinding, low fuzz.

Tex: 300 - 4800

Yield: 103 - 1655

Polymer: Epoxy, Unsaturated Polyester, Vinylester.

StarRov 086
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StarRov® 090 rovings are designed to be used as reinforcement of thermoset resins for pultrusion or filament winding applications. The end-use composites can be found in infrastructure, building, marine, sports & leisure and water transportation market. Availability: globally.

Low fuzz, sharp angle feeding possible, very good color impregnation.

Tex: 9600 - 1200

Yield: 056 - 450

Polymer: Epoxy, Vinylester, Unsaturated Polyester.

Available globally.

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StarRov® 507 rovings are designed to be used as reinforcement of phenolic resins for pultrusion applications. Availability: Americas.

Low fuzz, excellent wettability, high composite material properties.

Tex: 4400


Polymer: Phenolics


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