PU (Polyurethane)

MultiStar® rovings used for PU reinforcement used in automotive headliners and truck panels.

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MultiStar® 264 assembled roving is used for low shrink and low profile Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) applications based on polyester resin where high mechanical performance is required. Food contact compliance in Europe. MultiStar® 264 is available in Europe.

Food contact SMC applications, excellent choppability, easy wet-out, optimum fiber distribution.         

Tex - Stiffness: 2400/4800 - 120/130

Compatibility: Unsaturated polyester

Application: SMC

MultiStar 264 Food contact
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MultiStar® 576 assembled roving is designed for performance in PU.

Good unwinding at high speed. Good wet-out in PU.

Tex: 4800-5760

Compatibility: Polyurethane.

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