The Intern Experience

Mohamed Jefri


  1. What was the most memorable part of your internship?

    It was actually towards the beginning of my internship on a project relating to forklifts. I realized that we needed to reach out to the plants in order to gather the information. I informed my boss, expecting him to handle it from there since I was just an intern, but he encouraged me to take the lead and finish the project. I was amazed by the amount of hands-on experience, trust, and empowerment I was given so early on in my internship.  

  2. What was your favorite project or biggest accomplishment?

    My favorite project was the forklift project I was just talking about. We didn’t have an actual count for the number of forklifts in each plant and I was able to gather that information so that we had a better understanding of our capabilities and our efficiencies.  Apart from the business analysis I was able to perform, I was also able to see the spirit of JM across several locations. Not only were people giving me the information I needed, they were giving me extra time to explain details more in-depth so that I understood the process behind it.  

  3. What is the biggest takeaway from your internship?

    As with anything, my projects didn’t always go according to plan and often took longer than expected. In an internship, there’s a higher level of accountability than in school, and sometimes you need to adapt your strategy or give yourself more time to get the information you need. Over the course of the summer, I learned how to take a step back and calm down so that I didn’t stress myself out when things didn’t move as quickly as I wanted them to.  

  4. After your internship, why did you want to return for a full-time position? 

    When you graduate college, there is a world of opportunity.  I thought about going to work for a company that hires a lot of recent grads, but I realized that I didn’t want to be another name in a roster. I wanted to go where they would invest in me, make me a better professional, and give me an opportunity to grow in a safe environment. Here at JM, especially with the team I worked with, I knew I would be supported and assisted in achieving my goals. Regardless of the position, Johns Manville as a company is a great organization. We have 150 years of culture and innovation behind us along with the backing of the Berkshire Hathaway family.  

  5. How would you describe JM’s culture?

    It has a family-owned business day-to-day culture with the processes, opportunities, and stability of a well-established, global company. As a young professional, we are looked to as the future leaders of JM and it’s clear that they are investing in us, not just as temporary employees, but as an asset they want to support throughout our careers. They are constantly challenging me and giving me projects that stretch me and help me grow.  

  6. What advice do you have for future interns?

    Make sure to follow the path that fits best for you, even if it’s not what you’ve always done. I got a degree in Finance and now I work in Supply Chain; I couldn’t be happier. Take the risk and jump in! You won’t regret it.   



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