The Intern Experience

Luke Bauer


  1. Why did you want to intern at JM/why did you return?

    Initially, I really enjoyed the people who interviewed me and thought I would fit well with their team. I also liked how it was close to home. I came back for a second internship because of how they treated me. They gave me freedom to do my own work and get my own projects done. I was treated like a real engineer, not just an intern who got coffee.

  2. What does a typical day look like?

    It changes a lot; there’s a lot of contact with the plants and different vendors to get parts delivered. There are a lot of phone calls with vendors. I also do a lot of data analysis, depending on where we are in the project, which I really enjoy. I get the data I need to understand the system and then contact the vendors and plant engineers to make sure everything works logistically.  

  3. What was the most memorable part of your internship?

    Easily the most memorable part of my internship was the opportunity to present on the projects I’d spent the past 3 months on with senior leadership. The presentations are a true reflection of Johns Manville’s commitment to interns and our growth. It’s so rare in internships that we will be given this level of exposure and I am very grateful.  

  4. What was your favorite project or biggest accomplishment?

    My current project is probably my favorite project because of how involved I am. I’m working on the compressed air system in the Willows plant, even though I’m interning in Denver. I’m learning all the technology that goes into air compressors and driers and diving a lot deeper into not only the technology, but also the costs associated with installing and running the machinery. This project is giving me practical field experience that I will be able to apply in the future. I know that I’m going to be very proud of it when it gets completed and I’m excited about where it’s going.  

  5. What is the biggest takeaway from your internship?

    The practical experience is my biggest takeaway. I’m doing a project right now that, if I wasn’t working on it, they would have assigned a full-time engineer to work on it. I’ve realized that I’m doing work now that I could be doing in my full time job. It’s an opportunity that I don’t hear other internships offering to this extent.  

  6. How would you describe JM’s culture?

    Very people focused. I’ve noticed that people are hired not only for their competency, but also based on how they fit into the team at both the corporate and plant level . They find people who are hard workers and who are good at their jobs, which creates a great work environment.

    This summer in Denver, it’s been great having other interns around who are at the same experience level to bounce ideas off of at work and spend some time with on the weekends, especially since I didn’t know anyone coming out here. We’ve done everything from skiing the last week of May, to backpacking and mountain biking. We also have a Red Rocks concert coming up, which I’m pretty excited about.  

  7. What advice do you have for future interns?

    Don’t be afraid to dive into a project and get your hands dirty. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because the more you ask, the more you learn. Have some fun with your job and use it as an opportunity to see if you love the type of work you could be doing or not.   

  8. Anything you want to add?

    I’m really grateful to JM for the amount of experience I’ve gained and for bringing me back for a second time. Being able to put the projects I’ve done onto my resume is going to be a huge help for me moving forward and in future jobs. I’m coming out of these internships with great experience.



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