The Intern Experience

Cassie Calahan


  1. Why did you want to intern at JM/why did you return?

    I wanted to intern with JM because of the diverse career opportunities, friendly people, ethical business practice, and interesting projects.  I returned because of the connections that I made and the willingness from JM to provide me with a completely different internship experience for three summers.  

  2. What does a typical day look like?

    A typical day is totally different depending on the phase of each of my projects. You can find me contacting contractors, plant personnel, equipment suppliers, and JM leadership to develop a scope of work, budget, and schedule for a project.  I could also be designing creative solutions to help equipment have improved functionality or creating layouts for a project to install new equipment into a plant. I also get to work with outside companies when we are running plant trials for a new product.  

  3. What was the most memorable part of your internship?

    The most memorable part of my internship is traveling to different plants to help complete my projects.  Interacting with the plant personnel to achieve the best solution for them was an awesome part of my internship.  

  4. What was your favorite project or biggest accomplishment?

    I don’t have a favorite project; the few that I am working on are all different.  With this comes a diverse range of challenges and opportunities.  My biggest accomplishment is preparing a project for construction from the initial ideas to selecting the specific equipment and contractors.  

  5. What is the biggest takeaway from your internship?

    You learn so much more in the workplace than you could ever imagine learning in school.  The relationships that you build will be very helpful later, and most people from JM are unbelievably talented and knowledgeable of processes, equipment, resources, technology; the list goes on.   

  6. How would you describe JM’s culture?

    JM’s culture is always striving to move forward both technologically and culturally.  They want you to continuously improve as an individual and an employee.  Safety is at the forefront and JM encourages you to take safety further than the workplace.  It is okay to ask questions and challenge decisions to achieve a better solution.  If you make a mistake JM wants you to learn and move forward with even better information.   

  7. What advice do you have for future interns?

    Ask lots of questions, ask people what they do and are working on, and learn as much as you can because the internship is shorter than you think.

  8. Anything you want to add?

    JM has been amazing place to work and offers many opportunities to get involved outside of work.  Through JM Stars there are many volunteering activities that have added to my experience.



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