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JM Corbond IIIe is designed to offer the same thermal, acoustical, and installation benefits of JM Corbond III at a price and yield that is competitive with other spray foam insulations on the market.

JM Corbond® IIIe closed-cell spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a more economical version of JM Corbond III, the industry’s premium, two-component, medium-density, Class 1 rated, SPF insulation system. JM Corbond IIIe is designed to cost-effectively insulate high-performing, energy-efficient commercial, residential and industrial buildings. Its exceptional yield is competitive with other materials on the market, and it offers superior thermal performance, moisture control, and outstanding sprayability and adhesion. JM Corbond IIIe has the same thermal, acoustical, and installation benefits of JM Corbond III, and is an excellent choice for the cost-conscious installer.



Complete Coverage: Expands and adheres without shrinking or settling.
Energy-Efficient: R-7.0 per inch.
Superior Moisture Performance: Resists mold growth; meets current vapor retarder codes (rating of 0.61 perms at 1-1/2” thick, in accordance with ASTM E96).
Wide Application Temperature Range: Applies between 20°F and 180°F , delivering consistent performance with seasonal versatility.
Faster Installation: Spray easily in a single pass from a minimum of .5" to a maximum of 3.5”. Multiple immediate passes, with no wait time, may also be applied. See Data Sheet for complete information.
Commercial Approvals: NFPA 285 assembly approvals.

  SPF Acceptance Criteria

  ASTM AC377


  Flame Spread 

  ASTM E84

  ≤ 25

  Smoke Development

  ASTM E84

  ≤ 450

  Fungi Resistance 

  ASTM C1388


  Dimensional Stability 

  ASTM D2126

  < 15% change in volume

  Nominal Density 

  ASTM D1622

  2 pcf

  Closed-Cell Content

  ASTM D6226

  > 90%

  Compressive Strength (1”) 

  ASTM D1621

  36 psi

  Water Absorption 

  ASTM D2842


  Water Vapor Transmission 

  ASTM E96

  0.61 perms @ 1.5"

  Air Permeance 

  ASTM E2178-03

  0.00055 (L/s)/m at 75 Pa

  Sound Transmission 

  ASTM E90-90, ASTM E413-87

  36 (STC)


JM Corbond IIIe Data Sheet



JM Corbond SDS - A
JM Corbond SDS - A (ES)
JM Corbond Closed-cell SDS – B



TechConnect Sell Sheet
JM Spray Foam Parts and Equipment (Fusion AP)



JM Corbond IIIe SPF Installation Guide
SPF Safety Warning Sign
SPF Health and Safety Sheet
Corbond Daily Work Log

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