Here’s the New InsulThin HT Installation Guide

InsulThin™ HT, the latest product addition to IIG’s expansive line of high-performance solutions for industrial insulation, now has an Installation Guide available on the IIG website. The Guide will not only help you determine the scope of work that the project will require, it will also provide you with valuable resources to hone in on the precise specifications for your unique application.

The Guide includes a list of basic equipment that you will need during the fabrication and installation processes, as well as items that we suggest you have on hand to help ease and expedite installation. Additionally, you’ll find stretch-out tables and safe-to-touch tables for both InsulThin HT and InsulThin HT hybrid solutions.

The Installation Guide contains step-by-step instructions with pictures to assist you with straight pipe, flange, elbow and tee installations. You will also find examples of what a hybrid solution looks like and all the details you need to successfully install InsulThin HT.