Calling All Contractors: Can Industrial Insulation Have “Superpowers”?

We think so!  When it comes to fictional heroes and villains, one of their most coveted superpowers is the ability to change from one form to another – to be a so-called “Shape Shifter.”  MPT® Field-Preformed (FPF) is mineral wool that starts out as a flat high density board on the truck and then can “transform” into a rounded insulation that fits tightly around pipe.  Believe it or not, a number of industry specifiers, contractors and other end-users have not yet had an opportunity to learn about one of IIG’s most innovative and cost-effective insulations. As a shape-shifter, it’s got superpowers!

Mineral wool insulation is often specified on mid-temperature industrial pipe and vessel applications.  It is manufactured in a two-step process by first melting down raw minerals like basalt, limestone, dolomite and coke.  The melt is then spun into long fibers, mixed with a phenolic binder and converted into flat boards, blankets or traditional “mandrel wound” pre-formed pipe insulation.  It has excellent thermal performance for use up to 1200°F (649°C).

When mineral wool makes sense for a given application, it’s time to consider how the space-saving merits of MPT® FPF can improve the efficiency and profitability of your next project.  First of all, it is the same mineral wool insulation that you have always used, but in a form that will make your life easier.

MPT® Field-Preformed is manufactured from flat board that is cut to length based on the pipe sizes you specify. It is next laminated with a facer on one side and then run through a programmable saw-line that cuts precise V-Grooves.  The angle of the knife blades that cut the grooves changes each time a specific pipe size is programmed into the control software. The factory finished product will precisely fit your specified pipe size that was entered into the software.  A contact adhesive is then sprayed into these grooves at the factory to make the flat insulation stick together when rolled up.  These features are the keys to making this product a field-tested shape-shifter!  It changes from flat to round with your help.

So here are the advantages of using MPT® Field Pre-Formed Mineral Wool:

  • It offers the same thermal protection as traditional mandrel-wound pipe insulation.
  • It’s easy to install: The V-grooved surface and factory-added adhesive makes for less effort at the job site.
  • It’s engineered for an exact fit. Precision-cut technology ensures the grooves close snugly when wrapped around the pipe.
  • Flat shipping means lower costs for transportation, storage and handling. 



So, the next time you bid a project that is specified with mineral wool insulation, do yourself a favor and get a quote on IIG’s MPT® Field Pre-Formed Pipe Insulation.  Unlike Superheroes from comic books, this material can actually help you save time, money, and hassles. That, in turn, could make a superhero out of you.