A Pipe And Tank Wrap Success Story

When you’re designing an insulation system for industrial use, there are numerous selection criteria – temperature range, potential exposure to moisture, ease of installation, durability, etc. — that help determine the right solution for a given heat-generating environment. Match the right product to the chosen criteria and you’ve got the right solution. The basic rule of thumb is “one size does not fit all.”

Because Industrial Insulation Group (IIG) manufactures a range of high-temperature insulation products including Calcium Silicate, Perlite and Mineral Wool, we know the value of working with distributors, engineers, and other  project specifiers to determine what product provides the best value in meeting the specific job requirements.

Take the situation facing IIG’s sales representatives in the Southeastern US, when asked for a recommendation by a client company in the asphalt coatings industry. They had a 

33,000-gallon tank at one of their plants designed to hold hot asphalt, and wanted the right heat-protection solution to maintain the product’s temperature, keeping the asphalt fluid.

The criteria? The vessel’s asphalt temperature was to be capped at less than 450° F  (232°C), and the insulation had to conform to the vessel’s outer walls. They wanted something that would last at least a decade – ideally up to 15 years – and the installation required working in an unusually tight working space.

The IIG rep determined that the company’s MinWool-1200® Pipe & Tank insulation met the specifications, including performance, system life and budget constraints.  The insulation he suggested is made of inorganic fibers derived from basalt, a volcanic rock with a thermosetting resin binder. It has high-fiber density and low shot content, which makes it highly suitable for high-temperature thermal control, fire-resistant applications – like a tank containing hot asphalt destined for rooftops, driveways and roads. In this case, it also offered the best value for thermal performance and ease of installation.

It turned out to be a good fit for both the installer and the customer. The Pipe and Tank product was easily applied, and its uniform thickness and density provided an excellent support for the metal lagging.  The installation worked fine in spite of the tight working area. It was installed using  banding suitable for the immediate surroundings, and the enclosed asphalt liquid was kept between the desired 250 and 450 degrees.  (121 and 232 Celsius)

In the words of the installation contractor, “This was a very successful project for our company and the owner. The use of IIG Pipe & Tank Wrap greatly assisted in having a professional finished product for the customer.  It was the right choice of material for this particular application.”

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