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For Our Suppliers

"Johns Manville’s suppliers are critical in ensuring that the products we make are safe and of the highest standards for our customers. We value our supplier relationships and require compliance with all legal, environmental and ethical policies." Michael Benedict
Vice President, Global Supply Chain

Johns Manville procures over 50,000 material and technical products from nearly 10,000 suppliers worldwide, and transports thousands of products to customers all over the globe. We understand the important role the supply chain plays in the overall sustainability picture and in our ability to meet our customers’ expectations.

If you’re interested in providing goods or services to JM, start by reading our Johns Manville Supplier Guidelines. And be sure to review our Supplier General Terms & Conditions as well. Once you understand what it takes to become a certified JM supplier, submit a Supplier Partnership Contact Form. If it seems like a good fit, we’ll be in touch.