Hydrophobic Blanket
Thin, hydrophobic, microporous blanket (Service Temp: 1200°F)

InsulThin™ HT is a high-temperature, thin, flexible, microporous, blanket insulation. It is made from a highly efficient insulating material that has been used in a variety of industrial and commercial applications for more than 35 years. The thin, extremely low-profile feature of this blanket makes it ideal for applications that require space-saving performance with high thermal-stability. InsulThin HT is hydrophobic and has a very low corrosive potential, helping to prevent corrosion under insulation. Additionally, it can be paired with other Johns Manville Industrial high-temperature insulations, like Thermo-12® Gold or Sproule WR 1200®, to create hybrid systems that capitalize on the strengths of multiple insulations. 

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