Johns Manville has long been recognized as the leading supplier of glass microfibers for the manufacturers of specialty glass papers and AGM battery separators.  JM offers a wide range of fiber diameters (0.2 microns to 5.50 microns) to meet most customer requirements.

Utilizing a unique and sophisticated process, our bio-soluble glass micro-fibers are conveyed in a high-velocity air stream and deposited on polyester spunbond backing material. The binder is spray-applied and oven-cured. The resulting high-loft nonwoven material is mainly used in HVAC systems as a highly effective filtration medium.

Micro-Strand® fine-diameter microfibers combine fine diameter with strength, consistency, and purity.  Micro-Strand™ is available in bulk fibers or as a felted blanket.  Bulk fibers are ideal for creating specialty glass papers (e.g., battery separators) and glass blends used in ultra-high-purity air and liquid filtration.  The felted blanket is a very effective thermal and acoustic insulation. 


We ship globally!  Contact a regional sales office for details.